The early steps you take when your AC is fully malfunctioned

Please check if there is an electric current in the AC outlet using type. If there is no electricity, there may be a broken cable please check more about the installation path. If the alias is okay there is an electric current, we go to the next step. In the meantime, just visit whenever you need the reliable AC repair experts for hire.

Check the relay inside the three-foot plug if your AC uses the plug and make sure the relay does not break. Inside the relay, there is usually one copper seed of hair. How to check it, if the relay is made from clear glass, it can be done by illuminating it with lights. But if not, can use clamp ampere/multitester tool and turn on ohm unit.

Then attach the two multi-tester test leads between the ends with the tip of the relay. If the multitester shows resistance aka related, then the relay is fine. But if not, then the relay is broken. You can replace it with a new relay that you can buy at electronics retailers.