Shared and Reseller hosts are suitable for blogs

A shared host (shared resources) usually has a cost that is not too expensive, depending on the package options and features offered. This type offers the actual space shared, so there are some websites that are placed on the same hosting as you. The advantage of this type of hosting is its cost is relatively cheaper, but the disadvantage is the website response so a bit slow because the server is not only used by your website alone but there are other websites that also serve the request of its visitors. This type of hosting is perfect for new and pioneering websites that do not have many visitors, for which high traffic is not recommended using this shared host. In the meantime, you can visit if you want to get some coupons and discounts for web hosting services.

On the other hand, the Reseller host is a hosting that you can buy but with this you can not only use it for one website only, can be divided into several websites, even with such features you can resell the space you have, hosting package itself because you can manage. The price becomes more expensive than a shared host, but if you are a web developer who has many clients, this can be an option so you do not have to hire a new hosting for a new website. Just use the reseller hosting you have to make room for the new website. Remember if your server is dead, it means that all your clients will complain simultaneously.