Basic tips for using various types of make-ups

Apply primer to areas where acne scars are found and areas with large porous ladies only! Do not use primers all over the face surface. Only two of these areas need primary coating. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for great makeup mirrors, just visit to find the best ones online.

If you have an eye bag that needs to be covered, apply the orange salmon on the surface of the eye bag by gently patting. Give it a green color for the acne area and give it a color for the area you want to highlight to create a highlight. After that, apply corrector brown color or skin color to the colors had blended with the skin color. See the picture above for each corrector function.

In addition, you can also use foundation cream first to disguise the stains and acne scars. After that, pour the liquid foundation into your hands and sprinkle it onto some parts of the face evenly. Wet your beauty blender then flatten the foundation on your face by patting it gently.