Avoid Dementia Disease With These Things

The older, someone will experience dementia or conditions in which the death of brain cells that cause memory loss and decreased thinking power. This disease will get worse with time. For that, many people who choose to take supplements that contain nitric oxide from a young age to avoid the disease in old age.

Dementia can indeed attack those who are experiencing aging. So, before you meet that period, try to do these things when you’re young so you can avoid dementia.

– Keep Weight
Overweight can increase blood pressure and will increase the risk of dementia. This risk will be higher if you are obese. So start controlling your weight now.

– Quit smoking
Smoking causes the blood vessels to narrow and will cause an increase in blood pressure. This will increase the risk of dementia. In fact, smoking can cause an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease by nearly 80% than those who do not smoke.